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Kiltubrid Park Fundraising 2018

In 2018 Kiltubrid GAA & Kiltubrid Ladies GAA clubs are undertaking a major fundraising drive to completely renovate our playing facilities, the hub of the community. 

Like many rural communities in Ireland, a great number of Kiltubrid people have left their native parish for pastures new to the four corners of Ireland and the world in search of employment and adventure. It is the Irish way. 

We have produced this video with the intention of conveying the true meaning of what this small patch of ground means to us as a community. For those no longer living in the parish, hopefully it invokes a sense of pleasant nostalgia and you can reminisce on the good times spent here.

We are calling out to our diaspora throughout the country and world to pull on the Kiltubrid jersey once again and assist us in creating a facility that we can be proud of, that the future generations of Kiltubrid men and women can be proud of. We need your help. We have set up a Fundraising page which enables you to donate towards our project. Any donation would be hugely appreciated. Just click on the link below to donate towards our goal. Thank you. 

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."
 — with Kiltubrid Ladies GAA.

Watch Video: